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Roscoe Studio is a production company that creates commercials, music videos, animations, and promotional videos. Our aim is simple: we want to make the process of collaborating with you just as good as the final product. We have a diverse roster of talented filmmakers, and artists to create for you a captivating and professional video that will always get your intended story across.

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Destination style

motion graphics video sample Breakdown: Here you can see the use of a 3D animated virtual set I created in the theme of a sail boat, casino. We even got some stock footage for the window so you could see the ocean from the shot. We took green screen footage of the host and color matched the footage. You can also see the 3D animated logo deign in the monitor that I created for the client. Episode I shot from the Ink Block in South Boston with BLDUP and Ted Tye of National Development.

Building Information Videos

Break down: The first shot is an animated deck concept for a home in New Hampshire, the client ended up building the addition and it looks beautiful. The next shot is an example HVAC system for a new office building in New Tampa, Florida, this was modeled and animated within a day, due to budget. Next is a full model of Fanieul hall which took 3 solid days to build which shows the extreme, level of detail possible. All of these elements are to scale, with the actual architecture. fanieul-hall-3d

Digitally animated marketing videos

Breakdown: I wrote a script for this client, and I went to his office to record the audio track. We also discussed how he has a nautical theme, and I based the entire video around his brand. I then began to draw up the story boards which were approved on the first run. I then drew up all of the assets on Adobe Illustrator and threw them into Adobe After effects for animation. I then uploaded some free sound effects, and my client approved the video on the first go. This project was fun, and I was happy with the outcome.

Live action with rotoscoped elements.

2011 Viewspot Network Reel from Viewspot Network on Vimeo.

Videos are in, and most of them are not professional. Want to get a consistent message across? Make sure you get a true production. We write, direct. shoot, edit quality videos all over america. We make sure your graphics are good, your sound is clear, and your lights are beautiful. We then take the product into the lab and concoct a true HD video. Videos come in all sizes and shapes.


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