Computer software is the greatest tool in digital design.

All of the different packages have been getting more and more powerful every year.

Here’s a brief rundown of these software package that I like to use regularly.

Adobe Photoshop – this program is great for all image editing, photo retouching, graphic design as well as any other image application you can think of. The new versions of Adobe Photoshop can even edit video and connect with other softwares for live plugin features which are great for many different projects.

Adobe Illustrator – this software is great for graphic design I like it the best because it is vector based which is a scalable graphic that can be used and edited for much wider array of applications in the graphic world.

Adobe In Design – This is the best software for making .PDF files because it is a Book Maker as well as a site maker. This is a powerful tool for making magazines, books and even newspapers. InDesign is the best tool for publishers, designers, and advertizers to compile all of their design elements in one place.

Autodesk Maya – this program the best machine for 3d animation design , and modeling. This program is a powerhouse for visual effects, character animation, as well as creating animation for cartoons and motion graphics. This program is usually combined with Photoshop, Illustrator and afterwards the files rendered are brought into Adobe After Effects. One thing about Maya is it is a demanding program for your nachine you should have great computer specs. Because you have to render the final file which may take from 10 minutes to 10 days depending on the project file. My allows you to build, light, and even lay your cameras to render your masterpiece.

Pixologic Zbrush – This is my personal favorite software where you can make any kind of creature, building, or machine. The difference between Maya and ZBrush is the fact that ZBrush can handle millions or even billions of polygons where maya can handle less but can do more with animation and rendering then ZBrush. ZBrush is known for the best solution and digital sculpting which is a new form of sculpture.

Adobe After Effects – this is a visual effects powerhouse which can be used for film, commercials, animation. The possibilities of the after affects are limitless. Can edit video, audio, and you can also load Photoshop images as well as their layers. You can also add Adobe Illustrator images as well as the layers to create really complex animation with ease. This offer also takes a lot of computer power because you have to render the video files which may take a long time with a weak computer.