Corporate Identity

the corporate personality. At its most profound, the public feel that they have ownership of the philosophy

This is a companies overall image as a brand and as a business. This is the best way to establish a clear communication at all levels. Through trademarks and branding a company can hold on to their ideas and own them. A lot of companies never get to this stage, this is a practice of a business which wants to establish a culture.

Be congruent with your self and your customers.

It is almost necessary for the consumers to feel as they also have an ownership of the companies philosophy, companies should know who they are, so the public has a clear understanding as well.

 Have a clear message

People show loyalty to business’s that they trust. Companies should show more loyalty to their patron’s as the patrons show to the business. Every employee and patron of a company deserves a clear message of who the business is and where it is going. This starts with a logo, and encompasses every transaction the company makes.

 Why respect branding procedures

Case Scenario 

Quality branding makes you money, no not instantly. Through the course of time, having a solid brand that makes sense will make you way more money in most phases of business. Say you have a business with a sign facing the road, and you sell furniture. Your company is called  Antique Techniques ( a antique furniture dealer) . Say you have a road sign and 5,000 people drive by a day, here is a typical logo. Your customer should never have to squint and should never be confused. So lets take a minute to modify this brand.


If nobody understands your message and your logo, you get nothing in return. This is why it is good to have a clear message. 50 of those people might have wanted to see your furniture, and since all 5,000 were confused the owner gets no results. So lets update the brand for Antique Techniques. We use a clear font that is legible from far away and at smaller sizes. We use some graphics as well to back up the name. Then we add some classic colors that are inline with the branding for Antique Techniques.

furniture logo

A lot of companies are afraid of change, or they may think things like this do not matter. More connection to the customer means more connections to their transactions. People like doing less work and potential customers should not have to earn your message. This applies to all forms of media content. A business model is as articulate as a logo once a client gets a feel for your company. Branding is a scientific approach as well as an artistic one. Make sure you consider Branding as a core part of your business.