Virtual Reality Event in Cambridge MA

We were happy to work with 2 fantastic companies, Calvert Labs and cafe artscience Cambridge to bring together a virtual reality experience for all the guests at the event. We got to explore the human body with a group of people that could really appreciate exploring Neuro Circuts, cell and DNA creation.

What does a virtual reality event consist of? Well, once everything is set up we queue up 3 games. We planned out before that we were going to do a journey of the human body, we did a little digital graffiti, as well as some tennis training to finish, however we kept coming back to exploring the human body. 

Everyone seemed to have a great experience that led to a lot of conversations and interest in the realm of virtual reality. Our virtual reality events are a creative process that are engaging with the ability for customization.  Here are some cool pictures and a few videos of us enjoying our time. 

Café ArtScienceImage result for calvert labs

We wanted to have a small profile, so I decided to use my camera monitor instead of a big screen. 

cafe art science events One of the 3D tracking stations. htc vive event rentals

Exploring the human blood stream in VR

virtual reality studio co boston medical virtual reality cambridge virtual studio company rentals ma Slicing up some fruit in a fully immersed 3D Fruit Ninjafruit ninja VR Cambridge ma

corporate events cafe artscience vr rental

Exploring Google Earth VR anywhere in the world seems so close you might want to try and touch it. google earth VR rental htc vive setup boston ma

rent VR for your next party journey through the body medical VR Vr party events medical cambridge fun anatomy medical VR experience

Exploring the human muscle system for 10 minutes. It was amazing to see her zoom around the body since she was so familiar with all the muscles, it kept her even more entertained.

Experience the Body VR in 2D here.