I have been working on a bunch of 3d models as a hobby release the base meshes and 3d print files. I also wanted to produce a shot of them with a certain art direction. I decided to exploit the dentist who just recently shot Cecil the Lion I decided to show my reality of the situation. Here you can see him sticking up an innocent Oryx at the register. I also thought it would be cool to create a game where you could be an animal who poaches poachers. Here you can see a shot of an elephant going after the evil Dentist. Hope you like the shots. Underneath are some images of my recent models.

poacher poachingbuffrenda

hardware block outinteriorelephant-painting-edgefloworyx-zbrashrabbit-smokeexport-rhinorhinosrhinoside-headsharksharkman

Hi everyone, these are just rough images of some of my models over the last 2 months. If you would like my base meshes to sculpt or play with just contact me here on twitter or you can email directly at creative@roscoestudio.com
Thanks for your time.