Post Production

Editing and Compositing your Story

Video Editing for Distribution

The common goal on every video production is make the message work. The mission is to have the story connect the targeted audience. Good videos take the producers imagination and clearly connect to the viewers. Editing is the last chance the video crew has to reach these goals.

Roscoe Studio has State of the Art Hardware and Software

Film editing practices have drastically changed in the last 20 years. Professional editing suites used to be the size of entire rooms. Now with the advancement of computer technology we can have multiple editing suits on one desk. We use beefed up computers, with color corrected monitors. The most important tools these days are the software packages. We specialize in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve for our video projects.

Our Clients Can be an Integral Part of the Editing Process

We make storyboards for every project that we shoot, although if we have to edit video that was shot outside our company we have to get creative. We take the script and make a rough cut based off of usable shots. We then review it with our clients, and use the feedback to our client. Then we make a fine cut that should be relatively close to the final product. The we work with the client to add full coverage to the piece. This is where sound effects and graphics need to be attached to the video. This is where the final cut is made to be approved.



“Bouncing out your video content for different media specs.”

These days videos need to be optimized more than ever. Most videos need to be exported on multiple formats. Typically we recommend a different file for each individual platform the video will play on. For example Youtube videos will be a different compression than a video for television, or a cinema. We think every customer truly deserves this. Have you ever seen a local commercial for a car company on your television? Then the next advertisement in the lineup is a national brand that looks beautiful. This is because whoever made the car commercial is not a professional distributor. Make sure you make the right choices before you connect with your audience.