Painting a Temporary Mural in Boston

As an artist I always have fun, but outdoors across from Fenway Park brings me back to how I just started.

I knew in Kindergarten I was going to be an artist but I had no clue that I could do this as a career until I painted my first mural at the age of 16. I was in high school at the time and my biggest painting I had ever done was no bigger than 3 feet. I got to the job site at Newton Wellesley Hospital and they wanted a 75′ x 12′ mural painted. I was a natural and me and my friend Danielle had no problem 2 weeks later we were done, and everything came out great. This was my fuel. Every time I get outside and start painting I feel rejuvenated. If I could I would paint outside every single day. When I lived in Florida I would paint murals all over the place, here in Boston I get them every few months.

cava design concept

I had the opportunity to work with CAVA, a restaurant based in Washington DC. They called me to paint a temporary barricade for their future restaurant in the Fenway neighborhood in Boston. I also got to work with their construction team CAFCO. The site was right across from Fenway Park, this is an honor to any Redsox fan. We did a lot of planning together to calculate and match the brand. I spent a good hour looking at colors in the paint store to match. We used Behr premium outdoor latex paint. The job took about visits to complete and these pictures below can show you more about the journey.

boston night painting mural

city of boston art in fenwaypainting outside artist

painting mural outside in Boston peace painting crazy feta is coming art   mural painting boston

street mural in boston artist fenwaycava mural

painting mural in fenway boston ma

Selling some shirts while I was on the job to J.