MIT SHOWCASE : Art Installation at MIT

MIT Showcase by Roscoe Lamontagne ( 2′ x 12′ )  Oil on canvas

This is the initial sketch, done in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq. The art is for MIT’s Ashdown House’s 2015 Art installation.  The images below will show the progression for this Oil Painting. The first image was the initial sketch. After a few walks on campus the concept was re configured to make sense geographically. I hope you like the project.


mit-digioil painting roscoe studio concept ashdown artart showcase strata center zoomART OIL PAINTING BY ROSCOE STUDIO FOR ASHDOWN   art in mit showcaseoil painting on canvas oil painting mit showcase  painting-left painting-right mit art oil painting mit art oil painting  mit art showcase roscoe studio oil painting zoom MIT showcaseart installation at mit by Roscoe Studio