My second consecutive solo art show in Boston

We came back to Ester 2261 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA again 2/9/18

Thanks to Elanor Arpino, former owner of Ester we were able to close out 2 successful art shows in 2 years, we also had a few parties and closed out the restaurant, which was just purchased. I am great full to Dorchester and my neighbors in general, but Elanor has been a tremendous help in the past few years promoting my art. We had write ups in local  newspapers, my team and I also put up some flyers around Boston. Me and Shelby Watterworth made some traditional prints with a linoleum block. I will post those photos later.

Dorchester Reporter

The Art:

I love the Lower Mills Area, all the images were original and either based off my drawings or from pictures I have taken over the years. I always walk around and shoot pictures of Boston, in particular Lower Mills and the Neposet river. These images inspire my tangible art. A lot of my personal art is more of a random being of lines and color. I have posted links to all the images in this Lower Mills collection. I was able to sell 14 of 18 pieces, and last year I was able to sell 14 of 14 however those were up for about 2 months. I just want to let the art speak for its self now. Since this was my final show at Ester I have pictures of me hanging with everyone.

My Art Store


All these images are linked to my store if you want to view them or request a print.

baker apartments art ashmont artist boston tall lower mills art lower mills dorchester art mattapan trolley art milton station art kids biking with trolley paintings of dorchester lower mills artist Roscoe Lamontagne tall trolley tracks color lower mills night mills dorchester painting artist milton station 2am roscoe boston artist lower mills dorchester artist boson ashmont trolley art roscoe art boston tall red mills marty walsh painting

  So you want to be an art dealer ? You’re a salesman, I have got a painting half off for your guys.roscoe lamontagne artist    

Every art show I do I make sure the right tools are there to create more art. What goods an art show without paper and utensils.

Thanks to Shelby for helping me with the posters and she also let some people know in her Neighborhood.

boston art showboston artist  boston painter

I also have prints available on my website, you can click on all the images of the art above to see the painting in my store or you can just go here for easier navigation

soldlower mills dorchester ART  availableLower Mills Color Plate  soldCedar Grove Boston | Original Painting
availableAshmont Trolley original Painting  availablemarty walsh original painting  sold2 Kids biking with the Trolley
 soldMilton Station | Lower Mills | Original Painting sold Milton Station at 2 AM original painting  soldLower Mills trip to Downtown
 soldButler Train Station Dorchester | Original Art Painting sold Lower Mills Dorchester Squirrel Painting sold Dorchester Sunday Wide original painting
 soldLower Mill Falls original painting sold Milton Over The River original painting sold Sitting By the River | Dorchester Lower Mills | Original Painting
 availableTall Neponset Train original painting  soldTall Red | Lower Mills Dorchester Painting