Art Installation at MIT Ashdown House

Artificial Jaguar by Roscoe Lamontagne ( 3′ x 6′ )  Oil on canvas

This is the initial sketch, done in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq. The art is for MIT’s Ashdown House’s 2015 Art installation.  The images below will show the progression for this Oil Painting.


First look at the canvasInitial Canvas Washjaguar-drawings-roscoe studiomit cheetah

The initial project I was inspired by this MIT project.roscoe lamontagne-jaguar-anatomyconcept art for the MIT oil painting


progress shot for mitThis picture is was painted many times so that it had the form I was looking for.

zoom in of the final artwork oil painting oil jaguar on canvas

mit art ashdown - jian feng -roscoe lamontagen

photo by : Jian Feng Kong