Modern Cowboy – Animation Breakdown

Here I included some of my process regarding the creation of an animation for the “Art on The Marquee” outdoor digital art exhibition. This opportunity was given to me by Signature Boston, Boston Cyber Arts and the MCCA.  Please feel free to come to the open art reception:


animation reference images

The initial inspiration was from a book I was reading about Max Ernst one of my Favorite artists. I have also been watching a lot of classical Western Films, and the 2 were dumped together to make an animation I was interested in. I don’t think one can make a cowboy animation without using Edward Muybridge for reference. I wanted to add motion to this initial creative direction.

You can get your tickets here. 


Art on the Marquee Opening Reception – Round 16

Boston Cyberarts and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EST)



Initial Motion Study

This is my initial color study in cohorts with some animation. I aimed to combine my art style with the initial concept. I found this pretty interesting and I decided to move forward with the cowboy scene. My original idea was to call this modern cowboy, then I wanted to see what would happen if I bred the animation with a Patriot. However I found the New England landscape a little restrictive to my art style and decided to stick with the desert theme.

art cactus drawings

The style of the animation was bred from a bunch of cactus drawings, I loved working on this project because I got total control of art direction.

animation rocks

I drew about 20 rock scenes. Most of them were inspired from Arizona landscapes. These drawings were actually used in the final animation so I decided to show this image. These elements were drawn on paper, scanned and vectorized. The elements were then imported as 3d Layers in After Effects.


Cell phone towers

Towers were drawn with ink on paper, scanned, then painted in Photoshop, then taken to illustrator and Vectorized.

modern cowboy concept

This is the first piece of art I created when I started this animation. I wanted to keep it really simple. I then interjected the cowboy theme and decided to make the character more relate-able, you can see the official asset to the right.

modern cowboy animation keeper

adobe illustrator cowboy animation

animation layout cowboy animation

Below you can see my initial animation proposal on the left. To the Right you can see the almost done preview of the animation. Next we will see in on the giant screen in front of the convention center.