Dragonchain days of Slumber 3D animation project.

If you stash your Dragonchain cryptocurrency investments you can accrue a slumber score.

Dragonchain is a blockchain technology that was released under an initial coin offering on November 02, 2017.

Dragonchain released a competition on their Reddit channel, so I decided to make some promotional material for their contest. I decided to use pencil paper, 3d animation with Maya and Zbrush to make the elements, and I quickly had it colored with cell shades. I invested in Dragonchain when I read the initial white paper, the project felt like a consulting company that helps companies implement their needs into the blockchain. I am almost certain all major businesses will run on some form of a blockchain, and this project has a really promising team. This project originally started by Disney years ago, and re picked back up by some of their employees. I did a lot or research before buying into this company. You can see the current price and where to purchase some Dragons here .

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Below are some of the viewport scenes.

3d animation and concept art boston sleeping dragons

Here is the lifetime chart for fun.