Vibration Installation at MIT Ashdown House

Vibrations by Roscoe Lamontagne ( 8′ x 5′ )  Oil on canvas

The painting is inspired from a famous painting done by Dan Flavin. Now they remain together on the walls of the Ashdown House this painting needs to be investigated in person in order to see the detail. This is the initial sketch, done in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq. The art is for MIT’s Ashdown House’s 2015 Art installation.  The images below will show the progression for this Oil Painting.


initial wall at ashdown houseVibration Ashdownoriginal photo shoppped for oil paintingvibration ashdown oil paintingmit oil paitning sketchtapedbird glow oil painting MIT  oil painting roscoe     roscoe studio vibration painting  glowing side vibrations art by roscoe lamontagne mit vibrations