Roscoe Specialized Design Studio

Generating innovative and creative solutions that combine fine art and cutting-edge technology.

Today, art has many forms, from hands-on techniques like building and painting, to computer-aided design and video production. At Roscoe Studio, we embrace them all! We combine fine-art creativity and talent with highly skilled techniques and technologies to generate solutions for all your marketing, advertising and visual needs.

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The only way to get somewhere is to get going.

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Cinematography Video Tests

Authentic Creative

Our goal is to work with clients who appreciate their craft as much as we appreciate our craft.

3d modeling and printing services

Integrate 3d

Ready for the future? Integrate 3D  design into your business.

Whether it be 3d printed logos, prototypes, or animation elements. 

More about 3D modeling

Digital Animation

Sky is the limit with digital design, especially when it is on video. Even if your concept has never been built we would be pleased to design the content from the ground up.

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Fine Art Commission

We produce all kinds of Fine. Traditional painting, pencil drawings, concept art, and even original fashion projects.

Get original art
Zanibar 3d sculpted in zbrush

3D Design

3D design –  Is the most immersive piece of computer design, anything can be built. Then animated and finally 3d printed as an object

Digitally Painted Mayan Village in photoshop

Digital Painting

Digital Painting  is the most optimistic way of achieving concepts. With a computer a little time, and a lot of imagination, anything in the universe can be painted.

film reel

Video Production

Video Production is the most tale telling visual art. You can get through to anyone with visual story telling. From video, to animation, Roscoe Studio has it covered.

Fine Art

Traditionally crafted artworks. Typically painted, drawn, hand cut or sculpted. Applications like wall murals, custom fashion or commissioned art work.


Looking for answers? We are talented artists and directors. From 3D computer animation to photography professionals. Even fine art wall murals, to custom fashion design.


We understand there is a goal at hand. Creative services are rarely black and white.  Instead of focusing on what tool will get the job done. We innovate a way to get it done, and cost efficiently.


When you need a service, get the best talent for the best price. We strive to exceed your expectations, and get you to the top of the mountain. Click the link below and get started.