Our school has not yet launched

Although you can start by looking at some Masters.

This video is from one of my Favorite Artists Max Ernst, check this out. Picasso Paintings that are great to see. Alexander Calder is one of the most influential sculptors I encourage people to check out this film if you like Art. Joan Miro is another brilliant artist in my eyes, check this video out if you are interested in Art.

A lot of people ask me my main inspiration in art. I would say I am inspired by art that I have spent a lot of time studying that I still do not understand. There is something special about mystery and art to me as an artist.

Henry Matisse is not one of my Favorites, but I am a huge fan of his work. Another painter everyone can draw inspiration from in any career.

Futurism is an art movement from Italy in the World War Era’s, here you get a good grasp of the power of art, and this video helps people see into the formation of an art movement that they may like or dislike.

Jean Michel Basquiat is an american Painter born in Brooklyn New York, who captured the ability to freely produce art directly inspired by his surroundings and his sub conscious. His artistic freedom should be viewed by everyone who has interests in creativity.

Future classes from Roscoe Studio may be about:

Web Design

PHP | Java | Html

Traditional Art

Pencil Drawing, Oil Painting, Pen Drawing


Editing | Shooting | Lighting | Green Screen


Starting | Modeling | Animating | Rendering

3d printing

How to Print | What should I buy | How to make models