Video Editing is essential for a successful production

Three things to consider when getting a video produced.


Story Boards


Video Editing

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Roscoe Lamontagne has been professionally developing, writing, shooting, and editing videos for last 6 years. He has been happy to meet some amazing mentors within the film industry. He has worked on Productions with Tommy Lee Jones, MIT, and Home Shopping Network. He currently edits at Roscoe Studio in Boston Massachusetts and shoots in Quincy, MA. Feel free to contact him with any questions.

Hourly Rate $75

Every hour after 3 hour session $50

I believe drawing storyboards that match the script and the camera are the most important part of budgeting a production.

This is an example of developing computer graphics to an animated voice over.

This video was shot outside of the studio and cut together at our studio for a TV series in Miami Florida.