Web Design Solutions

Do you need a new website?

Some businesses have a terrible website and some business don’t have one at all. Some companies have a Facebook and think that they have a website. At least you need your own domain (.com). Websites provide customers with information about your business. Web pages work for you 24 / 7  so if you have employee’s and no website I can think of at least one thing your doing wrong. The good news is… We are here to help, maybe we don’t end up making your site, but we can at least provide you with some information to get you going.

Websites should be machines that work for you.

Back in the day only some websites were functional enough carry a business. Let’s talk about Websites from the aspect of a business. Most websites are just like business cards, they tell you the who, what where and why of the business. When it comes to functionality the sites don’t generate money. This is a complicated answer because all businesses need different attributes. It is nice when you can rely on your website to make you money.  Now that all companies are different, all sites can be too.

What can you do to make sure your website is effective.

The number one quality of a website these days is to make sure you can take leads. Web leads are when prospective customers fill out forms on your site. They input their information and it is sent to you via email. This is so you can contact your customers. It sounds easy enough but it is much more complicated. You must convince your visitors that your website is the answer they want. So don’t expect to just put a form on your site and have people fill it out.

How can you get people to your website?

Driving traffic through your site is the main thing that gives your business a chance. Climbing Google is a huge feat. First things first you should own your own name. This is done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to have quality tagged images, content, and links. Well written content, videos, social streams is what will get you to the top. This is a lot of work, and it is not guaranteed, it is almost like playing a game. But if you know what your doing you can get a head of your competition. You don’t have to be the best in the world but you have to be better than you direct competition.

How can I get to the top fast?

There is one quick way that is not illegal to the search engines. A lot of companies say they will get you to the top. But don’t you dare get caught up with black hat SEO. Google will find out sometime and deem your website as trash. You can pay to be at the top with advertising. Google Ad Words allows you to pay for clicks which will put you to the top of the list. Though you must manage your campaign wisely so you don’t burn all your money ,for no results. Once again Google ad words only lures potential customers in. It’s your web site and lead generators that will get you the business.

How can my business do this?

Warning. quick fixes and automatic website creators look nice, but do not work. Make sure you hire a professional, or if you are going to do it your self read, and, read, and practice. Watch out for promises, and if a company does give you promises, make sure they keep up with them. If you would like to get some information regarding a new website, please fill out my form below. I can evaluate your needs and get you on track to design your next site.

Make sure you reach everyone effectively.

Your website should look just as good on a phone as it does on a personal computer. This term is call responsive. You can make every detail on your website scale to different devices. For instance if your on an obscure device right now you should consider how our site looks. If it looks better than normal you see why we bring it up.