Brooklyn New York

Roscoe Studio Photography

We have been on hundreds of shoots, and we love taking pictures. Whether its filming movies, or arranging photo shoots we are on board to shoot. 

Roscoe has always been an artist and a fan of photography and cinematography. He loves the cinema, and photography reminds him of drawing pictures. He has shot hundreds of thousands of photos. He has also edited thousands of professional photos manually for the internet, and for print. He uses Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to adjust his pictures. Roscoe is obsessed with finding the perfect frame,  his teachings in fine art are continually being adapted to his camera. Roscoe currently shoots with his Sony A7Sii and his Sony A6000. Please review some of his favorite shots below.

Event Rates start at $125 an hour for 3 hour blocks. Individual hours on location are $175 per hour.

Professional Photography

Photo retouching

Optimizing images

Photoshop- Masking

Color correction

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