pencil drawing with roscoe

Pencil drawing is my favorite art form.

Something about it is so raw and constructive

Some artists like it because its erasable, my style is straight forward and I will admit it I do not like to erase, and I draw fast.

I would always draw a lot as a kids, more than anyone I ever met. My mother always made it easy for me to stick with it whether it be encouragement or supplies. I never stopped. I draw every day whether it be doodling when I am on the phone, or even life drawing classes which I attend or teach regularly. There is something about pencil drawing that can never be replaced. From the fact that there is an art to sharpening a pencil to the fact that it is every students first tool. I never think I will get tired of drawing.

Every Project starts with a pencil

I begin every project with pencil on paper, and If i don’t I use it to take notes to then begin in the computer. If I shoot a movie, I draw out the story boards with a pencil, if I am doing a website I make my initial sketches with a pencil. Especially with a painting I plan the whole journey with a pencil.

Want to learn?

I teach pencil drawing classes. I am inspired from the first artist who actually trained me professionally. Edward Gazi showed me how to draw the same way for 5 years, I am in the process of continuing his knowledge to my other students. The method is straight forward and it has proven results. If you ever considered being a ninja with a pencil please inquire below. Since pencil drawing is my favorite medium I am passionate about spreading the knowledge.

Life Drawing

10-minute-sketch jimi hendrix-drawing

Portrait of Jimi Hendrix



ana_pencil_drawing anna_face_pencil_drawing








daymond-john-roscoe-studio-pencil elephant-pencil-drawing-roscoe-studio herron-drawing-roscoe-studio ll-cool-j-pencil