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I have been painting pictures since I was a child, and I have been professional artist since I was 18. Now I am 27 and I am a fine artist as well as an art teacher in South Boston, MA. I do live painting events in front of crowds, as well as a fine art shows for my collections. I have been exhibited From New York City, down to Miami, and over to Los Angeles. Contact me below, I would love to start your painting.


I truly love art, and I enjoy doing it as much as anything. I have always prided myself on adapting all art techniques. If there is a foreign form of visual art, I try to learn it. So whether it be an abstract piece of fine art or a mural of animals for the zoo. I enjoy every art job I accept.

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Fine Art Commissions

When you know what you want painted, we can make always it happen. Whether it be a beautiful picture of your house, or a painting of your wife. We just need to know what you want and we can give you a turn around. Our prices start at $100 for a 8″ x 10″¬†and range depending on size, and subject matter. My most expensive piece was $5,200 for a giant lobby painting in an office building. Please fill out our form at the bottom to start a project with me. -Roscoe Lamontagne

Murals for anywhere

Murals are the most space changing art. They can be painted virtually anywhere and be small or large. My biggest Mural so far was 72′ and I have even painted doors and windows. Sometimes people want beach scenes on their patio or zebra stripes on their door. Mural prices are priced by the day and begin at $400. So whether it be concrete, wood, or even glass I would be happy to paint it. Price can be considered per job, feel free to ask me to paint anything.

Commercial Art Commissions

Commercial art is iconic, and great for pop culture, movies and even kids rooms. This is more of a rendition than a fine art piece. I have provided a few examples of celebrity works I have done. The possibilities are endless, musicians, athletes, movies, even Disney characters. These are prices lower than fine art creations.

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