Logo Design

Logo’s do most of the talking


From my experience logo design is very overlooked. A lot of companies get one because they need one, in desperation they get one that is good enough. Logos are the first impression that burns into the customers. If you don’t care about the quality of your logo why would your customers truly believe you genuinely care about them. Logos can be very simple and still very effective. Your brands culture and beliefs should come out in your design. You logo can lead to mistrust or to confusion if it doesn’t properly translate your companies message.

Get your name right | This is a great time to consider if your name actually helps propel the brand.

Once you approve the overall idea, we can start building your conceptual logo.

I then draft up concepts for my clients to consider, by mixing matching and re drawing we can achieve a monumental design. This is also a good place to cycle through fonts that match the mission of the company.

Now we finalize the design in black and white to ensure structure, then add colors to propel your logo’s effectiveness.