Below you can see some of our clients, and some people we have worked with.

We Love Making Art For Companies

Some people have a narrow view on art, here at Roscoe Studio we sure do not. We like to solve creative problems even for fun. When there is a big challengeit makes everything even more rewarding. People have come to us with all kinds of requests. From making clothing forbillboards and print ads to making large permanent art installations. Please feel free to contact us regarding references and examples of work. We look forward to providing authentic creative solutions for years to come.

Client List

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BLICK Art Supplies
  • Hill Holliday
  • Xfinity Comcast
  • New England Venture Capitol Association
  • Front Row Associates
  • Catalina Marketing Network Inc.
  • Harvard Dunster House
  • Till Inc.
  • NES Consulting
  • PETA
  • Bonnet Shores Beach Club
  • Eastern Nazarene College
  • 2Cool Entertainment
  • Brandeis University
  • Royale Night Club
  • Chestnut Hill Realty
  • Genuine Interactive
  • MCPHS University
  • Broad Cancer Institute
  • Tufts University
  • Zeptometrix Corporation

Roscoe’s Event Experience

Roscoe Lamontagne started Roscoe Studio, he has worked many great events over the last 5 years. Here you can see some places that he has worked at in a 5 year time period.Every event is a learning experience. He is grateful to have had the opportunity to work at these amazing businesses and venues.

Work Experience

  • Dassault Systèmes
  • Gillette Stadium
  • Copley Place
  • World Trade Center Boston
  • Phizer
  • Tribecca Film Festival
  • IBM Dracut
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Harpoon Brewery
  • North Eastern University
  • Boston Harbor Cruises
  • Fenway Park

My Recent Work