Climb Search Engine Mountain

Search Engine Optimization can be miserable without the right guide.


Search Engine Optimization is a tough game but everyone’s got to play it.


Proof is in the pudding

The first image shows a case study on 2 of my own pages for one search term. A company paying to be at the top of the search engine, for the phrase “airbrush artists in Boston” followed by 2 of my websites which rank organically on google maps. This took me a few years to be number 1 and 2, however I was able to get in the first page within 90 days. Without spending any money. You can also teleport to the top by paying CPC “cost per click” advertising. 

SEO for small business

Another Case Study

The next image is a search for Water slides in Massachusetts, which is a page I built about 5 years ago. I have updated it 5 times in the last 2 years however it still ranks organically for that term. By cross referencing paid terms with organic results, we can begin to plan the pages for your business. There is no cheat codes, this takes a lot of work, however I feel this is fundamental to any business. I barely market services on social media I go straight to google since it has worked for me for a long time. Every business can take a different plan to get to your consumers. This may sound easy however the hard part is actually converting the potential customers into paying clients. Please send me a message if you think this is something your interested in. climb to the top of google business


Being a Search Engine Optimizer is like being baseball player. You must always train, and be up to date on the algorithms. It can consume almost a full years schedule.Why do we play SEO? So we can get hits, home runs, and the contracts. SEO is rewarding like baseball you can make a lot of profit for your business if you can capitalize on some good organic keywords. That is if they have proper landing pages, offers, and calls to actions. When people show up to your site you need to make sure they don’t just leave because that makes your ranking irrelevant to being profitable.There is no quick fix in this game.There is a lot of trial and error to be had, strike outs and home can come at any attempt. It took me a while to grasp this game, and I was pretty pessimistic my first few months. Once I started ranking #1 for some keywords and getting what I wanted I started to feel like a slugger. Like playing baseball, SEO is drawn out, long and tedious. There are no time limits, or no easy fixes. If you try to cheat you will get penalized by Google like you took internet steroids. There are giant companies that have been dropped to the bottom of Google for their internet deeds.Is there any legal performance enhancing drugs?Sort of, you can buy Google’s time, there is a form of Search Optimization called Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Where you can pay to show up above all the other competition you choose. You can pinpoint the area you want to show up in, you can choose phrases you don’t want to show up for. There is a catch you have to pay for every single click you receive. Since your paying you better have beautiful smart landing pages that help you close the deal. If not you will be wasting your money. I do believe in the system though, I spend well over a $1000 dollars a month on Goggle Ad Words, and I would not consider leaving the program. Because it sure hits a pretty good average.What I suggest.Depending on how aggressive you want to play, there are two options. If you have at least three months patience you can go the organic route, where you can create Keywords that will show up in the playoffs. The other option is to do both, build your organic SEO campaign, as well as a PPC campaign this will ensure you get visits, while you work on a solid efficient way to get hits organically. What ever you do make sure you play fair there are a lot of agency’s who practice the illegal internet black magic. Google is completely against these black hat agencies. They promise their customers results by cheating, they may hit but a few seasons but once Google finds out your pretty campaign will be struck out. You might want to go back into the triple A leagues and find a new agency.



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