3d Design

3D modeling is building objects and scenes

3D animation is making them move together. 


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Using the Computer we can create anything

We design it in the computer, and we repair files.

We create 3d models for any medium. Including High and Low polygon solutions.  We also specialize in creating .STL files for the means of 3d printing objects.

How do you begin?

  • use an image in any graphics format like .jpeg, .bitmap, .tiff or others
  • or even customize a stock 3D model by adding more polygon counts, texturing, lighting, etc. so that you get a unique 3D model created according to your requirements

Here at Roscoe Studio we have what it takes for 3D design.

These days 3D design means more than computer animations, and visualizations. The growing demand for 3d design is for manufacturing and prototyping. Also known as 3d printing. Here at Roscoe studio we have multiple 3D printers as well as access to the most effective, precise machines in the world. You name it, some of my connections in the industry have it.

What is 3D printing?

A way of turning a CAD file into a physical object.

Sometimes considered as additive manufacturing. 3D printing is a way of building objects out of computer aided design files. Commonly an .STL file, will be used in partnering with a Slicing software which cuts the 3d model into individual layers which will communicate to the printer how to print. The printers are all different and they can handle a lot of different materials. I mean a lot of materials, for instance you can print using chocolate. gold, and even cheese. Heck, you can make a pizza with a 3d printer ask NASA. Personally I can print from a range of plastics, my actual machines are more like computerized glue guns that make objects in plastics. There are other machines which rely on fine ground metal powders fused by lasers. These printers are on the other hand easy to access I can help you get your product printed in any medium you can imagine.

Animation is the most solid content out there. The bridge between design and form. We can model prototypes, or even your logo. My favorite part is that we can print it out as a statue and bring the idea to reality.

3D environment modeling using VUE

3d animated under water shark

Underwater scene, modeled and rendered in Autodesk MAYA for a 10 second video.